Dance Spirit Magazine, "Real Talk About How Body Dysmorphia Affects Dancers"

“As a teacher, I am striving to use language that is focusing on function rather than aesthetic. So instead of talking about a certain body part—like the stomach or thighs—I talk about the function behind the lifting up off the legs, or the function behind engaging the stomach.”—Courtney Liu

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Duke Daily, "Garage Ballet: Teaching Dance While Parked at Home"

Through the completion of the spring semester, students attended Courtney Liu’s Dance 121 "Advanced Beginning Ballet" every Monday and Wednesday without fail. They moved from their traditional, open dance studio at the Rubenstein Arts Center into modified personal spaces: pushing the dining room table and chairs against the wall or re-arranging the sofa and coffee table to yield a few more feet of space, setting up in the basement recreation room, moving to the bedroom, or sharing space with the family dog—but they showed up, ready to dance.

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Duke Arts Weekly, "Blurring the Lines: Collective Resonance During COVID-19"

"Courtney Liu '13, MFA in Dance '21, shares "Blurring the Lines" created with undergraduate students in Intermediate Ballet. "Creative projects are still being made and it is more important than ever to share, engage with, and celebrate each other's work," shares Emma Geiger, MFA EDA '22, who collaborated on filming and editing."

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Body Banter, "Motivations for Movement with Courtney Liu"

In this episode of the Banter Broadcast, Steph interviews Courtney Liu, a Broadway dancer and avid advocate for body image and eating disorder awareness. Courtney shares with us about how her dance career impacted her relationship with her body, explores the difference between moving for others and moving for yourself, and much more.

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DukeEngage, "Courtney Liu '13 Rediscovered Dance in Zhuhai"

“During her eight weeks in Zhuhai, China, Liu taught arts education and English to students at the No. 9 Middle School....'As my love of dancing rekindled, I found myself dancing everywhere in Zhuhai…on my lunch break in an empty classroom, on the roof of the school in the rain, and in the dance studio with my students and the other dance teachers long after official classes had ended,' she said. 'My time in Zhuhai fueled my dancing spirit and encouraged me to perform, choreograph, and teach more during college.'"

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